Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Any of the images at the bottom of this page can be download free of charge for your personal use as a virtual meeting background in an application like Zoom. When you click on an individual image to enlarge, you should see a download icon to the left which will allow you to download the photo.

Untitled photo

To download all the images in the gallery as a .zip file, you can visit the gallery page here: (link will open in a new tab). Once on the gallery page, you can click the "download all" button located above the current feature image. You will be presented with the steps necessary to download and save all the gallery images.

Untitled photo

Once you have your selected images saved, you can set one as a Zoom meeting background by starting Zoom and clicking the "Settings" icon.

Untitled photo

Once the Zoom settings dialog appears, use the following steps to choose your virtual background.

1. Select "Virtual Background" from the settings menu.

2. Click the small "+" button to the right of the "Choose Virtual Background" text and select "Add Image" from the menu.

3. After the file dialog opens, locate and select the file you wish to use as your background (if you downloaded all images as a .zip file, you may need to extract all the images first to a folder).

4. Click the "Open" button which should save your selection and dismiss the dialog.

Untitled photo

That's it. Please enjoy and if you have time, browse my other galleries for images that you think would make good backgrounds and reach out to me using the "Contact" item in the menu header at the top of the page. And if you are feeling generous, please consider buying me a coffee using the button below. Thanks.