Why Photography?

I think it's human nature to make art, to believe that our individual perspective of the world will survive after we're gone. From cave paintings to camera phones, we all just want to let others know something about ourselves and what we find interesting or record the little things that we notice that others might not. Some write, sew, paint, draw, craft, sculpt, or engage in many of the countless other creative activities we've cultivated in our respective human cultures. I take pictures - mostly of places I visit on vacation, sporting events in which my kids participate, and of bands whose music I like. Not everything gets posted here - sometimes I'll put more casual or spontaneous things on Instagram, or participate in communities like Capture Minnesota. I hope that you appreciate the way I see things. Occasionally I'll share my thoughts on image making in this space, so feel free to stop by now and then to look around or follow me on the other platforms.

Jeffers Petroglyphs V

Comfrey, Minnesota

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