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About Geoff

Geoff is a visual artist who lives and works in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Although photography is his primary medium, he will occasionally take on a portrait painting commission. He studied art at Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. When he's not taking photos, painting, or sketching, he works as a technology user experience and application development professional.

If you have questions about his work or are interested in arranging an exhibition, please contact him by clicking the "Contact" link in the page menu.

Artist's Statement

Working quickly and intuitively, I photograph the small moments and interactions that play out on the streets, parks, music clubs and other landscapes I travel through. Figures may be present in my work, but their interactions with others in the landscapes they inhabit is my primary focus – athletes on a field, musicians on a stage. In capturing these moments, I hope to present aspects of these environments that tend to be overlooked, encouraging others to see small gestures or details that might escape attention.